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Well, have you reached the point in your life where you feel like you’re rediscovering yourself, your purpose, and your life is starting all over again?

Lugging a suitcase 6,379 miles away from my hometown after my life took a monumental turn for the better, I have arrived at that point now, at the prime age of 31. Definitely a surreal moment I’ll always smile about until all my pearly whites decide to bail out on me.

I’m a Filipina globetrotter who, after hitting my 33 countries mark, is finally settling down after marrying my long-time boyfriend of seven years and getting myself busy acclimatizing to my new home and role as a super hip wife.

I have lived in quite a few different places and have moved 11 times across eight cities in three disparate countries in the last two and a half decades, but my last big move to Germany was exceptional in so many levels I feel that something has to keep me “put together” somehow while I find my bearings. Hence, it became that push I needed to start this blog.

Sauerland MountainsOn second thought, what actually got me to MOVE and work on this is the fact that I am turning a year older soon and the domain name wouldn’t make much sense anymore if I didn’t launch this ASAP.

After 15 years of blogging in intermittent bursts, and mostly letting out personal rants, I’m turning into a bouncy ball of good vibes, sharing stories, projects, ideas or thoughts that other people can also relate to – especially travellers who are in their 30s with the kind of life like mine. I can be quite chatty and sometimes I just have too much to say, but I also love to listen. So if there’s anything you think I can help you with, let me know! Hopefully, I’d also be able to provide some inspiration – or entertainment – in and amidst your daily struggles.

Although my main focus is travel and lifestyle, I will surely use this blog as an outlet to share my experiences (and attempts) in learning to blend in like a local in my adopted country, adapting to married life, boosting productivity, fighting boredom and homesickness, and leaping over roadblocks.

Other topics you can expect apart from my travels and those that I mentioned above, are fun activities, health, computers, music, food, style, arts, wife duties and other wide-ranging interests which you may want to find out by dropping by often!

Mariner's ridge, honolulu

On the whole, this is for anyone who wants to know how I (will and plan to) survive life after thirty trying to be a grownup and all, yet still continuing to do the things I love and discovering new things to love!

Besides gradually filling up this space with literary (g)litter, you’ll find me playing with my entrepreneurial ideas and managing my co-founded e-commerce business, freelancing as a marketing pro, learning new tricks and simply living life!